Thursday, August 10, 2017

World Language and International Education Opportunities at Hazen Union School

Dear Students. 
Hazen Union School currently offers French, German, and Spanish. While it is not a graduation requirement, you are strongly encouraged to take at least one world language. Know that most universities ask for two or three years of a world language. If your schedule allows, you may also take more than one language at a time.

Students in our language classes participate in epal and penpal exchanges in order to practice their language skills authentically and connect with peers around the world. During the 2018 school year, Ms. Freedy is also hoping to take students to a Spanish-speaking country and Ms. Pfeffer is planning a trip with French students to Chicoutimi / Québec. 

Additionally, we want to entice students to apply for immersion programs where they can learn a language and simultaneously follow their passion, be it sports, art, music, etc. Many of these programs offer scholarships, but the application deadline is usually in the fall. If you are interested, you must therefore contact Ms. Freedy or Ms. Pfeffer at the beginning of the new school year in order to complete the application. Here are just a few examples of such opportunities:

Another way to learn about the world and make lifelong connections is to host an international student. High school students from all around the world are constantly looking for American host families. If you are interested, discuss this with your parents and have them contact either Ms. Freddy, Ms. Pfeffer or World Heritage International Student Exchange Representative Luciana Swenson (802-793-2387, 

The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: become an international exchange student yourself!! You can do so for a summer, for a semester, or for a whole school year. Application deadlines are in October. So, take a look at the following websites and contact Ms. Freedy or Ms. Pfeffer as soon as possible. 

We wish you a wonderful start of the new school year and look forward to learning with you.

Señora Freedy & Madame/Frau Pfeffer