Thursday, March 16, 2017

What a Time to be @HAZEN!

Here at Hazen, we regularly communicate and celebrate our school and students. However, I am not sure as a community we fully recognize the opportunities students have to pursue their passions and goals. I want to take a moment to share with our community a snapshot of what Hazen has or is becoming because of the students, parents, faculty and staff, and community that support Hazen Union School:

Joel Heller & Crew: Joel Heller is a high school math teacher at Hazen. Over February break, he and 4 students  worked for close to 14 hours and entered into a Math competition that focused on ocean waves. They should hear their results of their entry this week sometime. The quote from one student was " I really don't usually like Math but I had so much fun!" Another student told a teacher that he was so upset that he missed it because of another commitment. We can all agree that Joel is providing our students with these opportunities is fantastic!

Hazen Basketball: For two years now the Hazen Boys Varsity Basketball team has made the Division 3 Finals at the Barre Auditorium with a championship in 2016. Unfortunately the boys came up just a bit short Saturday night but a big shoutout to Aaron Hill and the program that he as created for students’ whose passion is basketball. It is also important to note the fan base and the Hazen pride that was exhibited during both games at the Barre Aud this week. As the saying goes “ be...a Hazen Wildcat!”

Drama the witness: The critics are raving! “The Witness” is a must see and the crew and cast have worked incredibly hard. Year after year, Marc Considine, Tess Martin, and crew put in tremendous hours of work to prepare students whose passion is drama and it pays off. The productions are top shelf.

Debate: Do I need to say anything more than #HazenDebateRocks? Our team did great and made it to the Vermont State semi-finals this March. This young program has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time competing against elite programs like CVU. Much like we celebrate athletic prowess in this country, I think it is important to celebrate the performance of people who are willing to use brain power and deliver on some topics that have tremendous weight. We are so proud of this crew! A big thanks is in order to David Kelley for his coaching this season.

ML Northeast Music Festival: Again, do I need to say anything more than #HazenBand&ChorusRocks? Middle level students walked the walk up in Newport this weekend. Huge props go out to Mason Mills and Talan Bryant for preparing our students and again showing the state what an amazing program we have here. Year after year the talent that our young performers exhibit at these events and festivals is impressive. The amount of talent for such a small community is impressive.

Flexible Pathways: Along with an increasingly diverse program of studies, more and more students are engaging in opportunities outside the classroom with programs that include work-based learning, internships, college courses, independent studies, and career and technical education programs. This is in part due to our tremendous guidance department that includes Chris Miller, Allie O’Hara, Lynn Patenaude and Jen Olsen and the connections they have made with members of the community, higher education organizations, and business owners.

Community Partnerships: We have long recognized the importance of community partnerships and place-based learning here at Hazen as we work to implement personalized learning programs. While we still have a long ways to go, we are in the process of building some great partnerships. For example, we are in the pilot stage of a partnership with the Highland Performing Arts Center and Hazen students will be some of the first to perform on the new stage in Greensboro. Other examples include a partnership with the Food Venture Center here in Hardwick and a potential to collaborate with Circus Smirkus. These efforts are the result of a proactive board and a faculty and staff willing to form great relationships with our community.

In summary, this is just a small snapshot of what it is happening here at Hazen! What a great time to be at Hazen and the progress that we have made over the last four years is very exciting. Please continue to support the work that we are doing.

Thank you,

-Mike Moriarty

Hazen Union School