Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Screen-Free Challenge Day Recap

On Wednesday, December 21st, Hazen held its first Screen-Free Challenge Day. The challenge was optional, and asked students and teachers to attempt to go screen-free for the day. A “device hotel” was created in the middle level lab where students could store their personal device for the day. About 28 students chose to take advantage of this option. In return, they earned a raffle ticket for a drawing held at lunch the next day, with incentives that included books, a backpack, chocolate, and more. Raffle tickets were also earned by going screen-free through an entire class, and by watching the documentary Screenagers.

This event was designed to educate students about the effects of screen time on their developing brains, as well as to encourage them to consider how screen time affects their social interactions. Some comments from students included: “Without my phone I could really hang out with friends instead of texting,” “The one thing I noticed was how hard the classes were to do without our iPads,” and “It forced us to have discussions face-to-face and I really liked that.” The day had students and teachers engaging in meaningful conversation about screen-time and the choices we make around it.

After the success of Hazen’s first screen-free challenge, another is being planned for March 20th. We hope to build on the experience of the first, adding more information and challenges. In addition, another screening of Screenagers will be held in the Hazen auditorium on Tuesday, January 10th at 6pm. We hope you can join us.