Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One to One Device Initiative Update

After last year’s successful pilot of a one-to-one device program in Hazen’s middle level, this year Hazen made the commitment to one-to-one for the entire school. Every student at Hazen now has access to their own personal learning device, either an iPad or a Chromebook. In addition to each student having their own device, after completing digital citizenship lessons, getting parental permission, and agreeing to appropriate use, students are able to take their device home, promoting digital equity and access among Hazen students. Students have reported that their device helps them with organization, utilizing apps to acquire new learning, and creating collaborative presentations.

This year Hazen has also adopted the use of Schoology, a learning management system that supports blended learning. It enables teachers to post information, assignments, and assessments to their classes in an online portal, where students can access them anywhere, anytime. Students say they appreciate the use of Schoology for the way it organizes their classes and assignments, and reminds them of upcoming due dates. It also gives teachers a robust tool for differentiating instruction based on student needs, and supports targeted practice and timely feedback. 


The adoption of a one-to-one program along with the use of Schoology is giving students new opportunities and changing the learning landscape at Hazen. No longer confined by outdated textbooks and school walls, students are able to interact with real time world events, communicate with students on the other side of the world, and create meaningful connections to life and learning.