Friday, September 9, 2016

Fresh Poetry on the Trails!

The following guest post is from Sue Trecartin, former Hazen teacher and current member of the Hardwick Trails Committee:

“You know, we’ve been back in school for three weeks, and I haven’t even been out on the Hardwick Trails yet!” said Kaleb.
“Same here. And I think our poems might be out there somewhere,” replied Jennifer.
“Let’s go check it out after school today,” said Kaleb.
“Yeah, good idea.”

This fictitious conversation could have occurred between two of Hazen’s writers this week because there are five Hazen poets represented on the green trail this year. Called the Eaton Brook Loop, the trail starts at the end of the parking lot and winds behind the tech center, along the brook and comes down the sugar road. Every year, twelve new poems are posted and this year has some beauties. Here’s an example:

The night stands still
A lone cricket chirps twice
To break the silence
The wolf walks out of the woods
Leaps on a rock
Howls at the moon

A single drop falls to the forest floor
Sliding off of a leaf
And lands on a lone cricket
And all is still in the dead of night

Noah Wilson

Poems by published poets include old favorites like Galway Kinnell’s “Blackberry Eating” and current ones like “Grouse Call” by Vermont’s new Poet Laureate Chard deNiord. There’s even a poem by one of Hazen’s alumni Marty Schneider, “The Gym,” that anyone who’s come to a basketball game can relate to.

Take a walk or a run on the green trail. Stop and enjoy the poetry. If you don’t want to miss any, pick up a Poetry Loop map at the trailhead.

Another recent and fun addition on the trail is the Little Library, bright orange and purple, near the bridge with a bench to sit and browse, or you can just take a book with you.

Sue Trecartin

Hardwick Trails Committee