Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spreading the word about Hazen at Walden School

On Tuesday February 9 I was proud to Hazen Union High School at the annual school choice open house hosted by the Walden School. This year Walden has 10 8th grade students who will be making the important decision about where they will attend high school next year.

Some of the strengths of Hazen I shared with these prospective students and families were:

  • The strong Arts offerings including our Band and Chorus program as well as the improvements to our visual art program to emphasize increased options specifically around the integration of technology.
  • Our movement toward a Humanities model of delivering English and Global Citizenship curriculum in a more integrated way.
  • Our exciting career and technical education opportunities specifically our collaboration with Green Mountain Technology and Career Center to form a 9th and 10th grade Applied Agriculture Foundational opportunity starting next year.
  • The Hazen Union Athletic programs which year after year deliver strong student athletes and championship caliber competition in Vermont's Division 3.
  • Teacher Student Advisory where student's are able to form strong relationships with peers and an adult as they navigate the world of high school.
  • Our Guidance Department whose mission is to develop strong with all students as we work to help student develop post secondary plans that lead to meaningful careers.
  • Our vision around infusing technology into our school with a plan to provide incoming freshman with one to one technology.

Thank you to Walden School and Principal Liz Benoit for hosting us and providing me with an opportunity to highlight all the opportunities Hazen Union School can offer their students. I look forward to hosting many of them in a Shadow Day where they can see first hand the benefits of Hazen Union.