Monday, December 7, 2015

Terrell Chalk Talk

Below you will find the fifth guest post for our blog.   In this post our Act 77 Coordinator shares last week's Teacher Student Advisory activity where students reflected on the Calvin Terrell presentation from November:

On Thursday, November 19th, Calvin Terrell came to speak to the Hazen community about building safer schools, the impact of prejudice, hate and violence in a community, and how we can work towards becoming an open, respectful community to all walks of life. Calvin’s vulnerability, drive, humor, and powerful energy captivated our school, left us eager to do more, and create change in our community. You can hear more about Calvin Terrell’s presentation in Hazen Union’s second podcast episode.

It has been a little over two weeks since Calvin Terrell came to our school, and we are still hearing students talk about his presentation and using his terminology in their conversations. It is clear that he has made a lasting impression on our community. During one of the weekly YATST (Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together) meetings, a member suggested that we have a follow-up activity based on Calvin Terrell’s presentation. The group immediately got excited and brainstormed different ways that we could keep the energy and momentum from the presentation alive. The group decided to facilitate a Chalk Talk, a silent activity where a group responds to a given prompt with drawings, comments, or any other type of expression. This activity promotes conversation and encourages participants to add on to other comments and ideas. This activity creates a safe environment where all voices have an equal say, and an opportunity to speak their truth.


YATST members and other Hazen students facilitated the school-wide Chalk Talk last Friday, breaking up the student body by grade levels. YATST members did a wonderful job organizing and leading the grades in creating meaningful conversation. Their next step will be analyzing the results of the Chalk Talk, and creating new activities and projects based on that data. Calvin Terrell’s presentation continues to inspire action in our students. The Hazen community is filled with driven, passionate, and diverse students who want to change the world for the better.