Friday, September 4, 2015

Great Start to the Year!

What a great to start to the 2015-2016 school year! Despite the return of summer and high temperatures for Northern Vermont, energy was high and everyone was excited to be back at school. We asked teachers to respond to the following prompt:

Now that my students are back from summer break, I am most excited for…

Responses included:
“creating an environment together where everybody feels valued, safe, and inspired …”

“Getting to know my new students and seeing how my past students have grown. Excited to form relationships with new students.”

“The opportunity to support ALL students. The opportunity to add innovative technology to my curriculum.”

We had a great opening ceremony, which allowed us to introduce all the new faculty, discuss our school-wide goals and initiatives, and discuss the importance of community. Traditionally, we open with a song performed by staff and students to communicate our school theme for the year. With our school theme being on community and celebrating diversity, the song chosen was “One Day.” Furthermore, the senior class was challenged to leave a legacy of building a strong sense of community at Hazen Union School.

Middle school students embarked on an interdisciplinary unit (IDU) focused on the geologic and historic background of the greater Hardwick area. Students in grades 7 and 8 also began using their iPads as part of their IDU to teach them about digital citizenship.

High School students and teachers focused on building strong relationships and a sense of community with several activities in their classes, advisories, and community meetings.

Overall, it was an extremely positive first week and we are looking forward to an exciting school year.