Friday, September 18, 2015

Act 77 - Remodeling Education in Vermont

Vermont is moving away from a system of education that is based on time in a classroom as a means of acquiring credits toward graduation. This change is called Act 77. Our understanding of how we learn has changed and we now realize that learning happens even outside of a classroom! Every person is unique, learn differently and at different times. One of the ways Hazen Union will accomplish this task is by moving away from a system where students earn credit by spending a certain number of hours in a classroom and towards a system based on students working toward proficiency in content areas.

In order to capture this new learning, Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) will be created by all students! PLP's will identify student strengths, learning styles, future goals and multiple pathways their learning will happen in. Examples of these pathways include:

  • Internships
  • Online learning
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Early College
  • Work Based Learning 
  • Independent Studies
  • Career and Technical Education

Think about Act 77 as if we are remodeling a house. While the foundation of the house remains in tact we are installing new insulation, putting in new windows and updating electrical systems so that we can all live comfortably in our home. 

Hazen is sending a team of students, staff and community members called the Communications A-Team to a class called Communicating School Redesign. Members of the team are Molly Stanciu, Rylan O'Connell, Clara Lew-Smith, Russell Shopland, Dylan McAllister (who's co-teaching the class) Mr. Moriarty, Mr. Miller and Jodi Lew-Smith.