Friday, August 21, 2015

Faculty and Staff Return 8.24.2015

Welcome Back Faculty and Staff!

Faculty and Staff will report back to school on Monday 8.24. 2015.

We are excited to welcome the following faculty and staff to Hazen:

Nicole desGrosliers- Front Desk Receptionist
Robert Field- Driver’s Education
Chip Ilstrup- Tech Support
Sean Mcintyre- 7th Grade English
Chris Miller- Director of Guidance
Allison O’Hara- Act 77 Coordinator
Anja Pheffer- French Teacher
Mark Salmin- Art Teacher

It is always interesting to observe how quickly things change in schools as we are all off engaging in activities that excite and recharge us for an upcoming school year. Babies are born, we travel to unfamiliar lands, we engage in various professional development opportunities, Jeff Lecours and the crew remodel and prepare our building, and our students grow and develop overnight. However, with all the changes that take place, our commitment to our students and our school as a community does not change. Needless to say, we are very excited about the opportunities that come with a new school year.

Last year, we embarked on an exciting journey of school transformation. We firmly believe that the work that was accomplished over the course of last year has created the foundation for a model of school that will truly meet the needs of all learners. The result of that work includes: a 1:1 initiative, a restructured grading system, increased common planning time for teachers to work as data teams, the implementation of personalized learning plans, more opportunities for students, and the beginnings of a proficiency-based model of education. This was accomplished by our willingness to take risks and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our goals for this year is to continue the work we began last year with proficiency-based learning and a commitment to human development and a moral purpose that focuses on learning for all. We will continue to have a shared responsibility to building strong relationships, promoting rigor in and out of the classroom, advocating for resiliency, and connecting our instruction to relevant issues that our society is challenged with in the 21st century. Our work as professional learning communities will focus heavily on essential learning outcomes, effective formative
assessments that provide us and students with timely and meaningful feedback, and instructional strategies that meet the needs of diverse learners. There will also be increased resources and efforts to support our Teacher Student Advisories (TSA). Finally, there will be a large focus on communicating and celebrating our accomplishments with the greater Hazen Community.

We hope your summer has been restful and look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.


Michael D. Moriarty M.Ed. John C. Craig M.Ed.
Principal Associate Principal